Using for virtual facilitation

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Tim recommended we take a look at as a facilitation tool.  So we did.

Having played with the free version for a while we have come to the conclusion it is pretty good for getting your message out there.

However, for the sort of physical / virtual meetings we have been playing with, we find it falls short.

What is good at:

  • Share your desktop with selected others giving each person a unique code.
  • a large number of others can view your desktop (100+)
  • Open a voice over IP channel with those sharing the view of your screen
  • Instant messaging facility for text chat.
  • The capability to transfer the broadcast to others

Clever stuff

What would be ideal for:

  • Broadcasting your thoughts to an attentive community.
  • Delivering a training session
  • Communicating a presentation or webinar

When we’ve tested in a group we have found its design tends to suppress two-way dialogue as whoever controls the visuals tends to dominate the group.

Therefore we would see as a useful tool for giving information rather than promoting true exchange of information between peers.  It is a broadcast tool rather than a dialogue tool.  Provided you understand this, it will work very well for you.


8 thoughts on “Using for virtual facilitation

    • Hi Jenny,
      Thanks very much for this link. I’ll check it out in more detail.
      My first brief scan of it is that this could be a very useful tool for capturing the consensus around rapidly emerging ideas in a meeting. Some of my colleagues use voting software that works really well in large scale meetings. This one might work for smaller groups.. Oh and you’ve prompted me to update the blog! so much going on at the moment!

      So, Thank you on both counts 🙂


  1. Hi Adrian,

    Thanks for this. I’ve used too and it’s a pretty straightforward tool to use.

    I have used GroupMap tool at a group with 150 people on policy planning and it worked really well.

    GroupMap looking at ways to measure the impact of virtual/ online facilitation via a linkedin group.

    It might be interesting to check it out if you have Chrome or Safari. I found it interesting to see the different perspectives from other facilitators. I found it useful to help me work out how I would measure my own facilitation.

    • Hi Jeremy thanks for this, you’ve prompted me to update the blog. I’ve been really bus working in Kazakhstan and Australia as well as facilitating a few more mixed physical / virtual groups so more blog entries to follow documenting our experiences.

      Thanks also for the link. I’ll check I out shortly. Much appreciated,

      Thanks again for the message, keep in touchand I’ll keep you p to date with what I’ve been doing.


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