It Doesn’t Happen Without You….

Interesting comment, it was made by the members of one of the Chief Executive Groups I run.

Empty Meeting Room

Empty Meeting Room

Sometimes letting things happen can be quite revealing.

This answers one of the questions posed earlier in this blog (Why do we need facilitation anyway?)



You’ll need some background:

  • I have been facilitating this particular group for about 4 years.
  • We meet once every 2 months or so.
  • We started it because being a CEO is a particularly lonely position.
  • Talking to peers in a confidential environment is really valuable.
  • CEOs need others to bounce ideas around
  • We have unlocked so many seemingly intractable situations.
  • Problem solving at this level needs absolute confidentiality.
  • This builds a lot of commitment between the members of the group.

Why change anything?

I’m constantly aware of being complacent, and try not to take situations for granted.
 They had all known one another for 4 years.  A lot of trust builds up in that time.  I got to wondering whether I was actually adding any value.
So I started to let go of this group.

So what happened?

  • Interestingly, nothing happened.
  • The group stopped meeting.
  • Gradually they began to ask me when the next meeting was to be.
  • We held a series of reality check conversations to find out whether what we were doing was still worthwhile or just habit.
  • These conversations need to be 1:1
  • They all needed the group to continue.
  • “It just doesn’t happen with you” they told me when we got together again.

Facilitation does make a difference.  Really valuable group working doesn’t just happen.

I’ll still not be complacent though…

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