Separating a room in to Sensers and iNtuitors

S or N type

Senser or iNtuitor

A few people have asked me how you can quickly form two groups in a room, one with a preference for being a Senser (S-type) and another with a preference for being and iNtuitor (N-type).

This connects with a previous post for a group activity to show how people see things differently

Ask the people in the room to identify with one of two statements (mention that they will be able to identify with both but you are asking them to think about their preference, the one that they feel most comfortable with) :

(S) I Like having a well-established way of doing things and like applying existing knowledge.    I tend to focus on the realities of a situation and the practicalities of how to move forward.

  • I trust my 5 senses
  • I like what is real, experiential
  • Practical
  • Facts and figures
  • Traditional

And the other group….

(N) I prefer to go with my intuition and flashes of insight, rather than by linear step-by-step reasoning  I tend to be open-minded about new ways of thinking and new ways of doing things.

  • 6th sense, hunches
  • What could be, potential
  • Theoretical
  • Visions and insights
  • Innovative

Ask the people in the room to stand and walk to one or the other side of the room If you have pre-prepared this  with a sheet of paper stuck to the wall with an S or an N so much the better.

(?) You may get some people who honestly cannot make up their minds which they prefer.

In this case don’t challenge them, just ask them to join one or the other group and see how it goes, if they feel uncomfortable in the group activity they can always change.


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