What is facilitation for? 2) Focussing sales to achieve Growth

I was working with a  successful international company recently.

The board asked me to facilitate a workshop for them to help them understand how to improve sales growth.

The reason they called me in was because they needed someone neutral to help them talk to one another.

This may sound surprising however when they hold meetings themselves they get distracted by the detail and needed me to help them stay focussed.



Group Facilitation

What did we do together?

  • I was able to ask the basic questions that helped them share the facts
  • We established the current sales and marketing pattern
  • The board realised that they had lots of products in development
  • Everyone had their own favourites
  • We worked on a prioritising system to understand what was important for them
  • Then compared all the different possibilities
  • They then selected the top priorities
  • All agreed on the focus
  • Went back with renewed energy and confidence to work.

In this process I provided the frameworks and this gave them the permission to talk to one another.

I am amazed how often this type of interaction occurs – people who know one another well sometimes cannot talk about what is really important to the business.

Bringing in someone external they can trust unblocks the barriers.

The result of this focus is that sales have increased and they have a better balance between products and also improved communications between board members.


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