What is facilitation for? 1) Anticipating future events

Many people might not understand the term Facilitation, so presenting facilitation in terms of what it can do for your  business is a better angle.

We used a facilitative approach to help an organisation develop its strategic plans, in this example we focussed on the financial strategy

facilitation for financial strategy

facilitated workshop for financial strategy

The workshop method is a popular way of getting people involved and capturing a wide variety of views on a topic

In this case we used an idea wall

  • We developed ideas and actions cards prompting thinking
  • Ideas written on the cards were placed on the wall
  • Groups contributed new cards in rotation
  • Encouraged everyone to discuss the ideas
  • Clustered into themes
  • Summary presented back to the room

This simple process is really powerful, for example one person put an issue down that was due to have an impact on the organisation.

  • The rest of the room went quite when it was shared…
  • Then various comments;
  • ….”I didn’t know that!”
  • …”Knowing this saves us a huge amount of hassle, time and money”

The person who put the comment up assumed everyone knew this!

They were able to incorporate this insight into the plans, there and then.

I am always fascinated by what happens when you bring people together with an outside facilitator.

Something as simple as sharing our knwoeldge helps us anticipate the future.


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