Thinking about Facilitation

A facilitator is described as “Someone who makes progress easier”.

I warm to this description, there are many others and we will be visiting further definitions in the course of this blog.

I look forward to engaging with you all swapping ideas, testing thinking and sharing our views about what works and where we can learn more.


2 thoughts on “Thinking about Facilitation

  1. Hi Adrian,

    Firstly ‘How we see things differently’ I’m no expert but I love your choice of image ‘God Speed’ – Leighton. ( My personal favourite:) I see : Love, Trust, Understanding, Honour, Bravery, Seperation and Hope.

    Regarding why facilitation is needed…
    I agree with all you said here, before becoming self employed, as you know, I worked for quite a few large companies. When you get alot of different people working together, that company’s strength is exactly that! Unfortunately in my experience and through no ones fault, strong personalities can and do often overpower a group and over time, meetings end up predictable and stuck in a rut.
    A facilitator brings a fresh neutural outlet for all involved in a meeting, creating a new way to be heard and new ideas to surface, resulting in an environment where all personalities feel at ease to contribute constructively – the result can only be the best possible for the people who work together and for that company.

    I look forward to your next meeting.

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